Vision Boards

After work, I promised the children that we could start one of our summer projects today.  And when you make them a promise, they surely will not let you forget it. #Visionboards. I thought this would be perfect for them because I also just made my own vision board and I loved every minute of building it. We want the future for our children to be embrace with LIFE! We want the children to understand if they can see it, they can achieve it.  We want them to draw, paint or write their dreams down on paper/construction paper and watch them unfold. What you all may not know about me is that I have a praying family background!! My mother, (who is truly amazing) she raised us in church. She taught us to have faith, and to pray about everything. My grandmother was a praying grandmother (boy do I miss her!). My Mom is awesome, and my grandmother was pure perfection in our eyes!  When I say it takes a village, it takes a village to raise children. Thank God for grandmothers.  Ok, I’ll fill you in more on my awesome Mom soon.  Back to the vision board!  First I asked the girls what they thought a vision board was?  Ashlyn (9) said it’s for your eyes. (Hint – vision board). Aubrey (7) well she just shrugged her shoulders. This is what Aubrey does all the time!  I’ll give you a little more detail information about each of them soon. So, their projects were to find pictures of what they want to be when they grew up. The girls did an amazing job!!  My Ashy (what we call her) wants to be a “Police Woman” and my Aubey Daubey (what we call her) wants to be a chef! Now… when I tell you my little one want to be a chef, she is amazing in the kitchen. She goes ahead of me at times but I tell her to be patient.  Aubrey has it in her little heart to cook and you see it. She wants it badly! Ashlyn can very well be an amazing Police Woman.  She wants to take after her daddy and his family.  We have a lot of civic service folks in our family!!  But we definitely try to teach our children that they can be anything they want to be!! NO matter what anyone else says. Now I pray they don’t take after me spending money all WILLY NILLY. 😂 Their daddy (Andre) is the best with saving money! I pray each of them take after their dad with their money issues!  Ok-Ok!! Back to the vision board!  Andre (3) (Dre-Dre) wants to be an artist. :-).  And finally Adrienne, Dre-Dre’s twin sister, well she could care less what we were doing at the table. LOL!  I told you I will give more detail info about each of them soon, but Adrienne (3) our “Apple” is a firecracker. Take a look at what they came up with. Please, share your thoughts. I think they did a pretty good job!!

#HappyKids #Happymommy #visionboardscomplete 🤗


Taking time out

One thing my husband and I try to do is take time out to play and just be silly with our children. No matter what goes on throughout the day, having silly time is a must! I love to play music so we tend to dance around the kitchen. Little ‘Dre and his dad play football or basketball. The girls loves soccer. We try to give them that one on one time with whatever they want to do. Always pick something that makes every day unique and special to them. This also tires them out!! 

It’s Morning Anxiety!!

As I sit at work and start trying to tackle the task for the day! I can’t seem to always think and focus on the children !! As my heart starts palpitating with all the thoughts going through my mind of their needs of what I need to be doing now to prepare them for The weekend or even the future. I swear, I go from June thoughts to September thoughts all within 15 seconds. I’m sure all of you parents out there can relate. It starts off with the weekend thoughts, Do I want to take them swimming this weekend or to the movies, while I’m also trying to remember the time of the girls hair appointment for Saturday morning , then I have errands myself and what time I can get all that in, then my thoughts go to when school starts back for the fall. When to start getting their school clothes together or what tools should they have during the summer to prepare for fall, I also have a vision board project I want to complete with the girls, when will we do that? I need to take Ashlyn’s hair out for Saturday. When will I do that? Then, I think about the house for a second. What I need around the house and when I will have to time to even get that done. All the while my husband is at home in Lala land, catching some Zzzz’s to prepare for work this evening. They don’t know how much anxiety we are having about next week or the week after or next year. They don’t know we have a million thoughts going through our minds all within 10 seconds while we are still at work trying to do the job we get paid to do 😀! But I’m sure he has another million on his mind as well, like taking care of and providing for his family also.  So now its time to go get my coffee and for 10 minutes, It’s heaven. No thoughts. Just the smell and the abundant taste of #coffee.

A little bit of Tranquil…My Tranquility

A nice walk helps the calm, helps with all the loud voices around me in the house. Especially the mother-in-law, it’s just loud!! Walking on a beautiful evening helps me to Remember that you have a go to!! You have an outside to be with yourself. This is my Yoga!! And I love it!! This makes me smile, this makes the kids smile and smiling is good for the soul!! Tomorrow brings a new day and we must prepare for it, in whatever way we know how! This is my how! 🤗

It’s Taco Tuesday!

A weekly tradition in our household. As I know my husband is on his way to pick up the kids from the sitter and camp. I get home from work with 20 minutes to spare. I know that before I can even go upstairs to change into my comfortable clothes. I need to just start dinner wearing my work dress. No time to sit and gather my thoughts from today, Nope. Because now in 15 min, 2 toddlers and 2 little girls who think they know everything will be coming through the garage door screaming my name 20 times in 5 seconds asking what’s for dinner and wanting everything under the sun. Oh, Daddy will be standing right there but all of a sudden he becomes invisible and his hearing goes non existent. Ohhhhh……Did I also not mention that my “mother- in- law” also lives with us. YES! I said that correctly, she does.👀So, Not only will I have my four trying to gain my attention, I will also have my mother-in-law in the kitchen wanting mine as well. She will want to see how my day was, Tell me what went on with her shows today, how many items she laundered today and what time my husband left and came back home today( because he is off on Tuesdays). (told you all). She came down as soon as she heard me. As I giggle at what my reality has become, yep Seven people in my household. “I can’t make this stuff up” welcome to my life, daily. All the while. I still have not been upstairs to change my clothes, have not been to the bathroom to get some ounce of quietness. I just turn my music on in the kitchen and I go to work! It’s taco Tuesday!! Here we go!!

No days are the same!

The Journey Begins! Hopefully this blog gives others hope, as with writing and sharing our family dynamics and crazy lives, will show there are no easy days.  I long for the days when they fall asleep or are on their laptops and reading a book. I get a minute amount of quiet, some time to think to myself.  Even when the family and friends come over to stay the night, people may think its a lot.  Honestly,  the kids are away from me, Mommy! (me time), They are more focused on their company with laughs, food, games and movies. Enter the lives of a mother who wants the best for her three beautiful girls and one amazing son. I wish I could teach them all the things of life in one day, but God saw fit to give us a lifetime. A lifetime for me to make mistakes and for me to show them how I over came those mistakes. A mother who works comes home to cook, play, bathe and read to her kids all the while to get up and do the same thing another day! Blessings upon Blessings each day! and to wake up with 4 gorgeous smiles waiting for me is more than enough.

Say hello to the Greene4! #raisingfourkids4


– Ashlyn (9), Aubrey (7), Andre Jr.(3), Adrienne(apple) (3) #Twins